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About Us

We have been here for our customers since 1939 - during the second world war, starting our company off with horse carriages. Later on in 1941, the Germans dropped a bomb on our office, following the reconstruction of our building we continued using hourse carriages til 1956. Later on, we started providing transport for our customers in cars. Our drivers are highly experienced and know their way around the UK.

  • We have a Computerised Database ensuring Customer safety and security, which records all the jobs and driver details to ensure maximum safety of our customers.

  • All our drivers are smartly dressed 24hrs a day. They are thoroughly vetted and undergo a Criminal Bureaus clearance check before they can work for Herald Cars. All of our drivers are registered with the Public Carriage Office.

  • We maintain all of our vehicles to a very high standard. Each vehicle must pass a strict Mot test at least twice a year rather than one which is the the current standard for most vehicles in the United Kingdom. As well as this all of our vehicles are inspected annually by the Public Carriage Office Vehicle Testing centres. All our vehicles are checked for hygiene issues. All the vehicles are regularly washed - both in and out. We have Saloons Cars, Estate Cars, MPV and MPV Plus for your convenience.

Furthermore we would like to offer you every assurance, that every effort is being made to provide our customers with the most efficient, the most safest, the most dependable and the most professional service 24 hours a day.

PCO Licenced